Top 10 Ways You Know You’re From Chicago…

From Chicago

This is a dedication to the people who are From Chicago.

One thing I love about being from Chicago is the way we think and the way we speak.  You can probably identify with many of these items listed below if you were raised in the Windy city:

10 ways you know you are from Chicago:

  1. You identify where you live by a SIDE of the city, NORTHside, SOUTHside or WESTside (East = Indiana)
  2. You don’t check the weather for the temperature you check for the wind-chill temp
  3. In your house, you have a “Front Room” not a living-room
  4. You still recognize the Sears Tower as the Sears Tower and also argue that it’s the world’s tallest skyscraper no matter what anyone says.
  5. You know what people mean when they direct you to State Street, “Across from Marshall Field’s”
  6. You know why there are ropes fixed to the railings going across the bridge on Michigan Ave
  7. You also know to brace yourself for “the hawk” before turning the corner, walking in the Loop
  8. You know WHY downtown Chicago is called the LOOP.
  9. Someone else shoveled the snow out of that parking spot and saved it with their kitchen chairs… You know it’s NOT a good idea to take that parking spot.
  10. Before we got all politically correct, the BEST place to get a Polish Sausage was in “Jew-Town”

Being from Chicago, you also know that…

  1. North-Siders like the Cubs, South and West siders like the Whitesox.  We ALL Love the Bulls and Bears.
  2. 40 degrees is not that cold
  3. Chicago is the city of the BEST pizza.  New York just THINKs they have better. (lol)
  4. You can take the subway and the elevated train at the same time without leaving your seat
  5. We wear gym shoes, not sneakers
  6. We like a bottle or can of POP.  Not soda
  7. This is the city of the best pizza, hotdogs, gyros and flavored popcorn.
  8. As a kid, your friends come in through the back and no one is allowed in the “front room”
  9. House Music came From Chicago. Everywhere else just claims it!  (NYC, Larry Levins came to the Warehouse, learned from Frankie Knuckles and took House brought House to the Garage!) lol
  10. There are primarily TWO seasons, winter and summer; Sometimes in the same week.

If you are FROM CHICAGO, add to this list in your comments!

PS: I would love to connect with you if you are from Chicago, especially if your are living in Florida now.  I simply want more friends with enough money who can do the things that I do!  lol

Yes, I am from Chicago, but I currently live in Orlando, FL.

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