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I Love Video Games… still hesitant on the PS4



So I’m playing my XBOX (yep, I’m a grown man and I like to play video games)

I just had 4 sleepless nights of Halo 4 on 360,

only because I got hooked on Halo from Xbox!!

…Besides, I’m still having fun with Jak & Dexter again, Now that I have it on PS3

– Just got past the polar bear w/Crash Bandicoot on PS1

– I finally finished the water level with Sonic on my Sega Genesis

– That’s only because Mario’s world keeps making me dizzy on that N64

– And while I’m playing ToeJam & Earl on my Super Nintendo…
I keep my NES (Original Nintendo Entertainment System) turned on overnight because I can’t save…I almost got Link to the princess on Zelda

…Last time I couldn’t get it started no matter how much I blew inside the game…Does anybody have a Q-tip I can borrow?

Remember how you had to blow your games to get them to work?

Play Video Games

I  was able to clean my Missile Command game last time to keep my Atari 2600 going

– That’s only because my Pong paddles stopped working…
I tried Hockey, Tennis, Soccer… nothing, they still all look the same!

And the Space Invaders finally slowed down…. Wait, what comes after 999,999 points?

Play Video Games

And NOW you’re bringing me PS4?!

Don’t you see… I don’t have time for PS4!

Yeah, I LOVE to play video games…

Let me check with Ezio and Altair and get back to you…

Play Video GamesNow… Here it is – PlayStation 4.    hmf!

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This entry was posted on January 5, 2015 by in For Fun.
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